National Fines Management

The integrated National Traffic Offence Management service reliably fulfils the Italian regulations on controlling and managing traffic offence procedures

A modular service that automates the entire process, from issuing notification of the offence to the management of the notification results, ensuring greater control and efficiency of the end-to-end process.

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The advantages of using our integrated solution are:

Accelerated and controlled process

The semi-automatic production of penalty notices and integration with postal services reduces the number of manual steps and thus speeds up and increases the reliability of the end-to-end process. Managing the status of notices also allows greater control of the entire collection process

Innovative and certified

The service is implemented through the Titan® Ecosystem, which is constantly updated to reflect the legal requirements of Traffic Legislation. The documents are accessed in full compliance with privacy regulations using a cryptographic key, and storing them in the Azure Cloud (ISO 27001 and 27018 certified) frees the Authority from the requirement to have a local server. The whole procedure is AgiD certified


This ‘pay-per-use’ notification service allows the Authority to manage the service based on real needs and to adjust it over time. Automating the process allows Police Authorities to control every stage of the production of notices and free up valuable resources by allocating them to operations deemed necessary