Average Speed

The Average Speed detection system allows monitoring of compliance with maximum speed limits for average speed measurements on main and secondary extra-urban road sections, in automatic mode and without immediate challenge​

The system, through two peripheral detection stations, allows to detect offences, acquire them and transfer images of them to the Titan® Ecosystem for complete management of the entire sanctions cycle​.

Using special information processing systems, the images ensure reliable verification and enable the owner of the vehicle to subsequently check the offence​.

The System


Independent simultaneous detection

The system distinguishes between individual lanes and detects speeding offences even in different directions

Capture of relevant images

showing the date, time and road signs, so that the offence is clearly documented

Verification of associated data

using digital images of the offending vehicle

Immediate transmission of frames

to the central server

Guaranteeing transparency

The system already takes into account the 5% tolerance as stipulated in the Italian Traffic Act.

Respect for Privacy

Only records of offences are transmitted to the central server and ‘sensitive data’ is processed exclusively by the Local Police

The system has the following characteristics:

Operates automatically 24 hours a day without the need for on-site officers

Allows officers to immediately retrieve only the images of the offending vehicles from the platform in order to enable them to ascertain any circumstances that may confirm or rule out the offence

Has a system for recording in low light and/or high temperatures

The system does not require special infrastructure for installation

Support for citizens with forms and visual documentation related to the penalty received. The location and settings of the devices are also shown on the portal

The equipment is calibrated annually by an accredited body in accordance with current regulations