Social Commitment

Safety21 has devised a series of innovative projects to protect the region, take care of the environment, combat offences such as dumping of waste, particularly in lay-bys, and increase road safety

Metropolitan Milan Safety Project

Using innovative video surveillance systems and smart applications, we can achieve ambitious goals to protect the local area and environment, protect vulnerable users, and inform and educate on road safety.

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“Ti Voglio Bene”
(I Love You)

In association with the Department of Psychology at “La Sapienza” University in Rome, Safety21 has set up the educational project entitled “Ti Voglio Bene – Progetto integrato di legalità” (I Love You – Integrated law project), aimed at secondary school students.

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The initiative's aim is to teach young people correct driving behaviour, raising awareness and instilling a sense of responsibility towards the risks associated with road traffic.

The courses were developed with the support of professionals from the sector, who created a range of tailor-made materials for the occasion (exercises, simulations and films), and from the Authorities, who strongly endorsed the theme of safety education for young people as road users. Finally, Local and Traffic Police personnel played a major role, offering their expertise on the characteristics and problems of urban and suburban road networks.