Smart Mobility Solutions

Safety21 has designed an innovative integrated road safety project to promote respect for the law and protect the environment

The “Smart Mobility” project consists of a series of related activities involving the entire community, with the aim of creating a profound awareness of the social dimensions of the risks we run on the road and the consequences of illegal practices on human life and on the environment.

The Project comprises a Safety Infrastructure together with a set of services and communication tools intended to promote citizens’ respect for the rules.

Safety21 offers innovative solutions to Public Administrations, to make our Cities and Municipalities ever Smarter.

The Project is designed for Public Administrations to assist them in the difficult task of balancing the safeguarding of their citizens with the limited means at their disposal through the development of a Public-Private Partnership aimed at increasing civic awareness, promoting a collective culture of road safety awareness – especially among young people – and contributing to the promotion of correct behaviour on the road in compliance with the law.

It involves the provision of IoT tools, at no cost to the Authority, managed through the Titan® Ecosystem, a proprietary platform for managing the entire sanctioning cycle, together with a series of services aimed at raising awareness among citizens about the need to comply with the rules, all of which can be provided over a period ranging from 7 to 11 years.