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Road to Safety
Find out more Find out more We are working to improve the quality of life on the road
With us you are on the right track Find out more Find out more Enabling Smart Road Find out more Find out more Metropolitan Milan Safety Project Find out more The Metropolitan City of Milan is implementing an integrated Road Safety project to reduce accidents, protect pedestrians and cyclists and monitor parking areas in order to prevent deterioration of the Metropolitan Area Find out more Communication Beyond Technology Find out more Safety21 offers integrated Smart Mobility projects which combine a high level of technology with cutting-edge communication for road users

Safety21 is the leading Italian company in technological services for improving road safety standards and Smart Mobility.

We work tirelessly every day to create Smart City projects and develop a culture of respect for the rules of the road in order to promote road safety.


Safety21 is a provider of solutions, it does not sell products. Our solutions, including full-outsourcing, enable Public Authorities to improve both road safety and their citizens’ quality of life.


soluzioni smart mobility - home
Smart Mobility Solutions
Technologically advanced solutions for an interconnected city
servizi al cds - home
Traffic Services
Integrated solutions for Traffic Law enforcement


Grazie all’ecosistema proprietario Titan®, costituito da diversi moduli e soluzioni, Safety21 garantisce una copertura completa di tutto il processo di gestione del codice della strada, nel pieno rispetto delle norme di Legge del Paese ove si opera.


Tecnologia - Titan Ecosistem (1)
Titan® Ecosystem
The Titan® Ecosystem is the proprietary technology platform which Safety21 uses to provide scalable, outsourced road safety services to Public Authorities
Tecnologia - Titan VDS (2)
Titan VDS
Titan VDS® is the Titan® Ecosystem module that uses video surveillance to increase road safety
Tecnologia - Titan UP
Titan UP
Titan UP® is the Titan® Ecosystem mobile application for recording and reporting traffic offences

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Lawfulness, transparency and innovation

Lawfulness and transparency are the cornerstones of our business and have always been a hallmark of the quality of our work.

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