Foreign Fines Management

Using the Titan-E® module, Safety21 manages penalty notices to citizens residing outside Italy

A powerful, flexible and transparent solution, on a web-based platform, which is always available for consultation and which allows clients to check the status and follow the process of each individual offence in a clear and transparent way, from entry to payment, all in real time.
It is continuously updated to comply with all regulations and to make work more efficient and effective, with this flexibility allowing it to adapt to all client needs.

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The advantages of using our integrated solution are:

Web platform

The management of foreign penalty notices is accessible via all major browsers, allowing access from any location with an internet connection

Real-time checking of the penalty notice status

Police operators can follow the progress of the penalty and take action at any time, even from a mobile device

Front office service

A multilingual call centre providing assistance to offenders

Online payment

The platform is integrated with PagoPA and with the most common online payment interfaces. Any payment made is automatically logged and recorded without the need for any further action on the part of Police staff

Real-time tracking of penalties

Notices and all other paper documents relating to managing offences can be tracked at any time thanks to the optical archiving service


The platform is managed entirely in-house and, due to the technology used to develop it, it can be modified and updated to make it compatible with future directives and Police requirements, or to add new functions