LTZ (limited traffic zone)

LTZ is an integrated system that allows differentiated management by type of access (institutions, commercial actors, residents), by vehicle class and by Euro category by connecting to the vehicle registration database​

LTZ is an advanced product for controlling access to Limited Traffic Zones based on automatic vehicle number plate reading. The system monitors the access points, captures images of passing vehicles via a video camera and transmits information on the location, time and number plate of unauthorised vehicles to the central control system, together with the image of the vehicle.

Effectiveness and accuracy in identifying offences, compliance with privacy rules, and flexible, cost-effective management make LTZ a unique system. In addition, LTZ is designed to ensure minimal environmental footprint, energy saving and reduced architectural impact.​

The System


Differentiated management of access points

  • Temporary permits for businesses and organisations​
  • Resident permits
  • Euro category management​
  • Vehicle class management​

Direct capture

by officers via a remote connection, only of the images of the offence

Provision of pre-printed Safety21 permits

As part of the management service, hard copies of LTZ access permits are provided

Respect for the Law

LTZ is an excellent tool for monitoring and enforcing access rules in restricted zones

Respect for privacy

Management of sensitive data and images relating to offences, in full compliance with the requirements of privacy legislation

The system has the following characteristics:

Only the images of vehicles suspected of an offence are sent to the Titan© platform, to enable any circumstances to be ascertained that may confirm or rule out the offence

Transit detection sensors are passive and maintenance-free, and the equipment does not have any flash devices