Titan® is the proprietary software platform through which Safety21 provides Public and Police Authorities with scalable outsourcing services for Smart Mobility and IoT management

The Titan® Ecosystem can manage the entire sanctions cycle for traffic offences.

A single tool for managing all IoTs in the field and the entire Traffic Law sanctions process.

The Titan® Ecosystem has the following characteristics:

Innovative SaaS platform, AgID qualified (Agency for Digital Italy)
Innovative technology developed in a Microsoft environment
Compatible with existing detection tools used by the Authority
Advanced and scalable IoT management system and processes for scalable detection, traffic management and video surveillance systems
No investment needed
Powerful Business Intelligence engine via the Power BI app
Services offered on a pay-per-use basis

Information Security

Police officers, recognised using a personal physical key, can access the Titan® Ecosystem and carry out all offence detection operations on the network.

These will remain in Safety21’s “Azure Cloud” archives (ISO 27001, 27017 and 27002 certified) for the entire statutory period and authorised users (officers and offenders) will be able to retrieve the digitally signed penalty notices via a simple web interface.

How the platform works

Integrated device management

All detection devices can be activated and deactivated and programmed through the Titan® Ecosystem. Titan® certifies each step and the system produces a digitally signed PDF certificate each time an operation is started or completed.

Validation Management

Titan® Validation is the simple and intuitive module that allows offences to be validated. The screen automatically presents images of the offence, number plate and vehicle classification to make it easier for Police officers to confirm or rectify the information on the screen.

Advanced reporting tool

With Titan® Reporting, it is possible to automatically generate a summary of the services provided in the month in question, which can be shared with the Authority in order to easily check, approve and authorise the report directly from the platform, simplifying the authorisation procedures.

Citizen's Portal

This is the multilingual web portal for Italian and foreign citizens, where they can view proof of their offence, find answers to the most frequently asked questions, check device locations, have access to the current regulations and forms for any communications, and pay fines using the main methods linked to PagoPA​

Why choose the Titan® Ecosystem?

System Advantages

  • Single platform to manage the entire cycle of sanctions for traffic offences
  • No investment by​ the Authority​
  • Compatible and integrated with existing detection tools used by the Authority
  • Simultaneous management of multiple connected detection devices
  • Simultaneous management of detection, data storage and reporting functions​
  • Improved Officer performance​
  • Simplified and shortened legal appeals with accurate and reliable information​


Benefits for Authorities

  • Centralised structure: greater efficiency in all back office processes and constant updating of individual profiles​
  • Reduction of “human errors” in transcription​
  • Powerful management and monitoring tool for managers and senior officers​
  • Simplified and reduced legal appeals due to solid documentary evidence (photos and videos)​
  • Integration with MCTC database​ of insured and tested​ vehicles​
  • Activation, deactivation, programming and scheduling of all devices​
  • Multilingual citizens’ portal for consultation and research​
  • Statistical processing in real time​


Cyber security and ecosystem certifications

  • High security system: accessible only via physical cryptographic key (Token)​
  • Full compliance with ISO 27018 for privacy management in the software infrastructure​
  • Security of transactions through link to the PagoPA® payment gateway​
  • Electronic storage of all documentation in accordance with the law​
  • Barracuda Web App Firewall to protect web applications exposed to the Cloud​
  • Communication with field devices via SSL encrypted channels and 128-bit encryption​


Microsoft Azure services are certified:

ISO 27001, 27017 and 27002 (Information technology – Security techniques – Information security management systems), including logical, physical and organisational security aspects​

Microsoft is the first in Europe to be certified ISO/IEC 27018, which ensures compliance with the European directive on processing and protection of personal data privacy