Instantaneous Speed

Velox is a standardised system for detecting instantaneous speeding, which allows speeding to be detected using a laser sensor that is non-invasive and has a low infrastructural impact ​

The system has very high speed-detection accuracy that has been documented by a certifying body.​

Independent detection over different lanes

The system enables speeding detection across a total of 4 lanes, operating independently of each other. Offences can be detected simultaneously and the system is able to distinguish between the individual lanes where speeding offences are detected. In an extreme case, it is even possible to detect four speeding vehicles at the same time, both in the same and different directions, and the photographic documentation shows the speed of each vehicle as well as the lane in which the offence took place.​

When installed on roads with differentiated limits for different types of vehicles, it uses special laser sensors for vehicle classification (without the need to install sensors on the roadway).

The System


Detection of individual vehicle offences

with the corresponding speeds and classifications using non-invasive laser sensors

Capture of the relevant images

showing the date, time and road signs, so that the offence is clearly documented

Verification of the associated data

using digital images of the offending vehicle

Immediate transmission of frames

and statistical data to the Titan® Ecosystem

Respect for privacy

Only the images of speeding offences are retained


The system already takes into account the 5% tolerance as stipulated in the Italian Traffic Act.

Respect for the Law

Velox is an excellent tool for speed limit adherence and road safety

The system has the following characteristics:

The Titan® platform can directly acquire evidence of the offence using a remote connection

The system distinguishes between individual lanes and detects speeding offences even in different directions, producing individual documentation

Transit detection sensors are passive and maintenance-free, and the equipment does not have any flash devices

that has been documented by a certifying body

A sequence of images shows the details of the offence, recording the evidence on the public portal and protecting the fined offender

The devices are calibrated annually by an accredited body in accordance with current regulations