Titan VDS® is the Titan® Ecosystem module designed for video surveillance and control of Smart City devices

In order to increase road safety, the Titan® Ecosystem has a specially-designed video surveillance module, Titan VDS®, which is active 24 hours a day and connected to the control centre via a 4G/5G network connection. Using intelligent scene analysis software, it is now possible to identify and punish those who break the law and endanger public health and the urban environment, such as dumping of waste at lay-bys​.

Titan VDS® has the following features:

Active 24 hours a day with recording on internal memory card
Connected to the control centre via 4G/5G network
Equipped with intelligent analysis software for detecting suspicious scenes
Supports multiple profiles for creating different configurations
Reduction of false alarms through Video Motion Detection
Videos and snapshots with certified time stamps with all data relating to the event

Titan VDS® includes additional functionality to support the following operations:

Video Motion Detection analysis software is activated by moving objects, including people and vehicles, in selected predefined areas. Video Motion Detection supports multiple profiles for creating different configurations; for example, one configuration for day and another for night. Each profile activates its own alerts and has its own settings

Video Motion Detection software reduces false alerts by analysing and ignoring normal background motion. The false alert filter makes it possible to ignore the movement of interfering objects such as headlights, swaying trees and small animals

Videos can only be viewed by Police officers, who then determine the precise nature of the threat and act accordingly. The result is accurate detection of even the slightest alert