Titan UP® is the Titan® Ecosystem mobile application for detecting and reporting traffic offences

Titan UP® is fully integrated with the Titan® Ecosystem and makes it easier for Police officers to detect and report traffic offences on the road.​

Titan UP® automated compilation tools minimise data entry and allow the officer to carry out comprehensive checks by connecting to the MCTC vehicle database​.

Titan UP® has the following features:

Integrated GPS for automatic tracking
Quick selection function
Operation even without mains power
User profiling by type of user
Mobile search function
Full integration with the Titan® Ecosystem

Includes additional features:

Through real-time queries to external systems (e.g. MCTC) for vehicle and driver verification, or through queries to Administrations’ internal databases and/or white/black lists loaded on the device​

In the event of parking meter malfunctions, non-compliant or damaged road signs, urban decay, SOS, etc.

Possibility of adding images/videos from the device to reports and notices as additional evidence of the offence committed to strengthen the claim