Traffic Light Control

RED is the traffic light control system that detects red light jumping and automatically produces detailed and comprehensive digital documentation of offences. The device enables offences to be identified, images or video to be captured and the associated data to be verified​

The sequence of images documents both the moments before and after the offence and thus provides an unambiguous view of the event.​

The RED system is designed to ensure minimal environmental impact, significant energy savings, a meaningful reduction in architectural impact and effective and rigorous identification of offences, while at the same time complying with privacy regulations, with flexible and cost-effective management.​

The System


Capture of images

in the moments both before and after the offence and provides a clear view of the sequence of events

Identification in the same frame

– or in two frames side by side – both of the vehicle, with the number plate clearly visible, and of the red traffic light

Compliance with current legislation

and protection of citizens’ privacy: filming of vehicles is tertiary and is only carried out when there is a suspected offence

Identification of the offences committed and

capture of images or video of vehicles passing through red lights that clearly document the offence, thanks to integration with the Titan® proprietary platform

Verification of the

associated data using digital images of the offending vehicle

Detection of instantaneous speed limit violations,

either exclusively or in combination with traffic light control

The system has the following characteristics:

Allows officers to directly acquire photos of the offence with a remote connection

The system is only installed after the duration of the yellow light has been assessed

Web portal to support citizens, where they can download their offence and check the locations of the equipment in the area, the confirmations of the offence and the report on the duration of the yellow light

Transit detection sensors are passive and maintenance-free, and the equipment does not have any flash devices

Video footage shows the entire sequence of the offence, including both the events before and after. A PDF notification is then generated with a sequence of images (that can be configured by the authority to include between 3 and 5 images) showing the entire sequence of the offence

RED is an excellent tool for monitoring and enforcing road safety at traffic light intersections