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SaaS and Pay-per-Use – innovation in the cloud

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SaaS and Pay-per-Use – innovation in the cloud


Cloud computing, the main technology trend in the IT world, is at the heart of our TITAN® web-based platform, the solution through which Safety21 provides scalable outsourcing services to Public Authorities using a specific delivery model: Software as a Service (SaaS) in Pay-per-Use mode.

Yet, what exactly does it mean to be innovative in providing such a cloud-based management system?

First and foremost, cutting costs

  • There is no financial commitment towards rapidly obsolete technology components (and as it is inCloud, no proprietary infrastructure is required)

Ease and speed of service

  • TITAN®, developed entirely using innovative web technologies, can be used immediately via a browser and requires no installation, meaning that the service can be implemented in just a few minutes and the software can be constantly updated without interruption.

Full-outsourcing management

  • Full outsourcing enables the client to have a partner who takes charge of all the service components (computers, field devices, software solution, etc.) and the associated running costs, both ordinary and extraordinary.

Translated into practice, the time and effort saved by the authority’s staff is matched by the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of the solutions offered.

Added value for everyone and an achievement in terms of innovation.